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The COP26 Frontrunners Dinner with Greendish

An introduction to Greendish and their work with the frontrunners dinner at the COP26 event in Glasgow. 

Carbon Calculations at COP26

Have you ever sat down for a meal and wondered about the carbon footprint?

Where has food come from? What impact does it have on the environment? How healthy is it for me?


These questions find their answers at the COP26 Frontrunners dinner. With delicious, local food, provided by the Ardnamurchan restaurant in Glasgow, accompanied by carbon calculations from Greendish.


A Small Change on your Plate for a Big Impact on Our Planet


Did you know that globally, we discard a third of our food? Greenish, with their unique, science-based approach, calculate the environmental footprint of each dish. Reducing between 30% and 70% of waste, proving that small menu changes can have a big impact on CO2 numbers.


By adjusting the types of proteins and the portion sizes of the dish, carbon emissions and waste can be drastically reduced. Protein transition is an important start. By eating more plants and less meat you can reduce CO2 emissions up to 50%.


Every Choice Counts


Why is this data so important? Quantifying the environmental impact of your food heightens awareness for financial and sustainable opportunities and challenges. Sustainable food lowers your carbon footprint, saves money by reducing waste, and takes good care of staff members who are fed nourishing, healthy food.


When we think about making carbon-friendly changes, we often start with electricity, natural gas, car emissions, etc. Food is often the last aspect to investigate when it can actually make a huge difference. Not to mention the positive benefits it has to the wellbeing of staff and employee engagement.


Greendish is dedicated to helping food suppliers become healthier and more sustainable.

Making sustainable and healthy food available to everyone and everywhere” 

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