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Mural in Glasgow for COP26 - The Vegetarian Butcher
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The Vegetarian Butcher

Sacrifice Nothing with The Vegetarian Butcher
at COP26

Meet The Vegetarian Butcher, an innovative food company that have taken the gastronomic world by storm with their delicious plant-based meat substitutes. More than a brand, The Vegetarian Butcher is a movement, championing sustainability and here today at the COP26 event in Glasgow.

The vegetarian butcher - reduce C02 - sustainability

Empowering Sustainable Choices

The numbers speak volumes. By opting for their plant-based meat alternatives, individuals have collectively saved millions of gallons of water, reduced CO2 emissions equivalent to planting thousands of trees, and spared countless animals from being raised for consumption.

Sacrifice Nothing

Beyond their monumental sustainability impact, The Vegetarian Butcher masters the art of replicating the tastes and textures of traditional meat. From sizzling burgers and succulent sausages to tender chicken pieces and mouthwatering bacon, their culinary offerings are diverse and delicious.

Join the Plant-Based Movement

Ethical food choices don’t have to mean giving up on your favourite meals. With a bit of culinary innovation, The Vegetarian Butcher brings great taste, as well as a lasting positive impact on the planet.


In every purchase, in every bite, you can contribute in shaping a sustainable tomorrow. Embracing a plant-powered lifestyle has never been easier with The Vegetarian Butcher.

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