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GreenEats Social Media
Content Strategy

A speculative Social Media strategy for a plant-based meal delivery service. 

Do you really need a whole strategy for social media? 

Sorry but yes. Having a rock-solid social media strategy isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a downright necessity. Your audience lives and breathes on social platforms, and they expect you to show up with purpose and panache. It's your chance to tell your brand story, build relationships, and shout your value from the digital rooftops. Without a strategy, you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. There's got to be some direction. A strategy helps you define goals, reach the right people, and measure your success. Plus, it keeps you from falling into the black hole of aimless posting. A decent strategy will take your social media game go from "meh" to "OMG!" 🚀💪

Check out the strategy below, I put it together for the fictional eco-meal delivery company - GreenEats. If you're interested in building a strategy with Element Copy, this example should give you a good idea of what we'll cover. 


Social Media Content Strategy by Element Copy - sustainability copywriter
Summary of content strategy for sustainable business
Audience summary for social media strategy, sustainability copywriter, Element Copy
Client objectives for social media strategy, sustainability content creation
Social media channels within strategy for client of sustainability content writer Element Copy
Types of content for Social Media. Strategy by Element Copy. Sustinability Copywriting
Social media content topics for sustainability conscious business. Copywriting.
Content ideas for eco-conscious social media strategy. Element Copy.
Social media schedule. Element Copy. Sustainability Content Writer
Amplifications and partnerships in social media content strategy. Sustainability copywriting.
SEO, keywords and hashtags. Sustainability, social media.
Call to Action details for eco-conscious social media
Budget and resources. Element Copy Social Media Package.
Metrics and KPIs. Sustainabilty conscious client. Element Copy. Content writer.
Governance and workflow. Social Media Content Strategy. Element Copy.
Adaptability and Flexibility. Sustainability Copywriter. Social media.

Content Example with Copy:

Pillar: Menu Item

Reel/tiktok example for meal service delivery - sustainability

Video Copy:

Why there's always a raw veggie side included with your order..


Raw veggies retain their natural vitamins & minerals, supporting your health & well-being.


For the energy boost! Natural energy that keeps you going all day long.


Flavour explosion! We're here to dismantle the 'veg is boring' stereotype with our combo of fresh flavours & crisp textures.


Lower Carbon Emissions. Minimal cooking = a lower carbon footprint = reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

🌿 Seasonal Harvest Salad is a joyful celebration of the freshest greens, roasted veggies, and a medley of crunchy nuts and seeds, all dancing together in a delightful tangy vinaigrette. 🥗✨

A true ode to the changing seasons, this salad will nourish your soul. #SeasonalHarvestSalad #FreshFlavours #TasteTheJoy #GreenEatsDelight


Pillar: Sustainability Food Choices

short form video for social media example - sustainability, content creation

Video Copy:

Does it have to be vegan to be sustainable?


Well yes. As a meal service, we would not reach our sustainability targets if the food wasn't vegan.


Here's why:


The livestock industry has a HUGE carbon footprint. Our greenhouse gas emissions would be through the roof.


Vegan food takes less water


Animal agriculture often leads to deforestation.


Plant-based crops yield more food per hectare compared to livestock farming.


Vegan food promotes a circular economy. Reducing waste and recycling nutrients.


By reducing demand for fish and seafood, we help alleviate overfishing.


And compassion. Let's talk about this. By choosing plant-based options, we contribute to the well-being of farm animals and reduce the demand for animal exploitation.


The production of plant-based ingredients generates significantly lower carbon emissions compared to the livestock industry. By choosing vegan options, we shrink our carbon footprints and contribute to combating climate change.


Never tried vegan food before? Let us know! Try a meal and tell us what you think.


#VeganFoodRevolution #GreenEatsGoodness #SustainableEating #PlanetFriendlyPlates

Pillar: Plant-Based Nutrition

Sustainable meal delivery service - Reels and tiktoks - content creator

Pillar: Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Content creation - social media - sustianability copywriter - element copy

Video Copy:

Ok so we love a smoothie bowl but let me tell you why:


The antioxidants. Blackberries and blueberries are bursting with powerful antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and flavonoids, which combat harmful free radicals and help protect your cells from oxidative stress.


The gut-Friendly Fiber. Who doesn't like regular bowl movements? A bit of banana here to supporting a healthy gut environment.


The energy! Creamy coconut milk gives you the healthy fats that are easily converted to energy for a morning boost.

The protein. Sneak a handful of nutrient-packed spinach into your bowl for a secret protein boost! Spinach, a leafy green superhero, adds a plant-powered punch of protein, iron, calcium, and a host of essential vitamins and minerals.


Aaaand just in case you didn't have enough energy already, we also include some wholesome granola or chia seeds. Gives the bowl a nice crunch along with the additional fiber, protein and omege-3 acids to keep you fuelled till lunch.


Okay byyeeee


Order a smoothie bowl and get it sent to your home or work within minutes. All the healthy goodness with none of the prep and cleaning. 🌿💚


#RealFoodRealFlavors #WholesomeMeals #AdditiveFreeEats #GreenEatsGoodness

Video Copy:

Chef Ben, whats the worst thing somebody could put in your food?


Definitely additives. I think I can even taste them now. No don't let ppl put additives in your food.


They contain high levels of sodium which can give you high blood pressure.


They disrupt your gut bacteria and even your hormone regulation! No thanks.


At GreenEats, we don't put additives in your food. We've got quality checks & food safety protocols to ensure that & we pay meticulous attention to the sourcing, handling, & preparation of every ingredient 🌿💚


At GreenEats, we believe that food should be a celebration of nature's bounty, free from unnecessary additives & hidden surprises 🥷


With each plate we serve, we aim to deliver a genuine, flavourful, & nourishing experience that leaves you feeling good about your choices & the impact on your well-being & the environment. 🌿💚


#RealFoodRealFlavors #WholesomeMeals #AdditiveFreeEats #GreenEatsGoodness

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