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Serenity Home Furnishings

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A Sustainability Story

The story begins in two places at once. Somewhere between the concrete jungle of the city and the dense forests of Indonesia, a vision to transform our living spaces takes shape.


This is the origin story of Serenity Home Furnishings, a brand dedicated to bringing the calm serenity of nature to your urban living space. Furniture pieces and decor that prioritise comfort and ergonomic design. Deeply rooted in sustainability, to ensure the preservation of our planet and resources. But how does that work?

Don't you have to cut a few trees down to build furniture?

Say Hi to Olivia

A city dweller yet serious hiker and avid nature enthusiast.


Drawn to the deepest, thickest part of the trail, Olivia will wake you up in the middle of the night to hike an unknown course for the best sunrise you've ever seen.


Home however, is the non-stop bustle of New York City.

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Although an enviable life to some, surrounded by friends, family and colleagues, she admits this living situation comes with a heavy price. As a nature lover and introvert, she kept getting burned out by the overstimulating capital. In searching for a solution, she came up with a very simple concept: Bring the soft harmony of the forest to your apartment.

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A Conscious Aesthetic

Now, this journey isn't just about creating a nature-centric living space.

Having seen the devastating impact of deforestation during her trips to India, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia, she was determined not to add to the problem.


'I knew I wanted to create furniture and decor that actively brought a sense of tranquility to a home, but I just couldn't see how to do that without causing further harm to the places I was drawing inspiration from! I almost didn't go through with it, but after some months of research, I had a plan'.

Fuelled by a deep sense of responsibility to protect the environment she cherished, Olivia figured it out.

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What's The Plan? 

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She focused on three main elements to begin with: Materials, production and packaging. 


Serenity Home Furnishings opt for responsibly sourced, sustainable materials. Mostly in the form of reclaimed wood, but in some cases FSC-certified wood.

That covers most of the larger pieces of furniture, whereas the smaller, lighter pieces are often made from eco-friendly bamboo.

In terms of production, Olivia really wanted to reduce transportation-related emissions so kept things local and found a manufacturing solution just outside of New York.

Long form blog post - sustainable materials
Sustainable materials - long form blog post - Element Copy

And the Result? 

After achieving these goals, packaging felt like a piece of vegan cake. She teamed with an eco-friendly packaging start-up called 'GreenWrap Solutions' who supplied her with biodegradable packaging. Olivia's team are careful to include enough packaging to protect the items during transportation, but without creating too much waste.

After much hard work and toil, Serenity Home Furnishings became a thing. The company began successfully selling beautiful home products, that positively affected the mood and ambiance of the home. With soft and supportive furnishings with simple, clean lines that minimise clutter and overwhelm. The designs pay homage to the colours, and textures found in the natural world. Creating a sense of serenity through carefully chosen textures, shapes, and even smells!

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She's created a beautiful thing here' - Bai Ling. Actor and client of Serenity Home Furnishings.

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There's Still More To Do

"Elements of the company are sustainable, but I'd be lying to everyone if I said I had managed to cover every corner"


Olivia aims to reduce the company's overall carbon footprint by 5% within the next three years by optimising transportation. Her team are currently working on a roll out plan that includes fuel efficient delivery vehicles and better route management.

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Your Sustainable Sanctuary Awaits

Today, Serenity Home Furnishings stands as a testament to the power of passion, purpose, and possibility. Olivia's vision of blending nature with the warmth of home has become a reality for thousands of eco-conscious souls seeking their sustainable sanctuary.

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